Friday, February 29, 2008


B had refused to go to work yesterday, so I had him join me in the office in the late afternoon, then join me, M, E, and K at DuClaw in Arundel Mills for dinner last night. I think he saw that it's better to just keep moving forward, even if it's just in the space you can see in the headlights. We had a good time at dinner, anyway, laughing and carrying on. And then M took me home and put me in the shower and let me do a few shells in Sweet Pea before tucking me in:

And now I've made it to a bright, brisk Friday.

I got up, got dressed, went to the S residence to take care of the four-legged children, got to the office and called mom, got some coffee at Panera (I'm at the point where I bring in six quarters and a dime and have a lucky penny in my pocket the rest of the day. I should get myself a gift card for next week...$7.95 then no more getting up an hour early for the S kids) and am settled in with my oatmeal and a glass of water.

Tonight, I intend to go to the grocery store. Tomorrow, we are supposed to visit his mother and grandmother, and Sunday we are going to visit my family. Then another week. And another. The days will get longer, and warmer. Some things will change, others will stay the same. There is going to be hurt. And happiness, too, if you look for it. If you let it in. So that's goes on.

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