Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Proof of Life

This morning, I made an amazing discovery:
My tulip bulbs are sprouting!

Okay, it's not the clearest picture, but I'm no photographer. And if that's what you are focusing on, you are missing the point! Matt and I planted these bulbs two autumns ago, and I was pretty sure nothing was going to come of them. And I HATED waiting for something to happen. But lo and behold, that first spring we had tulips, and the year after that... more tulips! I still have a bit of childlike wonder about the idea of planting a seed (or in this case, a bulb, but you know what I mean) and having life come from it. I must, considering that when I went out to warm up my car this morning, I felt compelled to come back out in the cold weather with my poopy little Kodak EasyShare and snap away at tiny green buds.

(Post Script: Matt has announced he wants a better camera for our birthday [which is on the same day], so by mid-April, let's see if I'm posting better pictures.)

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