Monday, February 25, 2008


I'm actually more sore and achy all over today than I was Saturday or Sunday, and I'm padding around the office in black cashmere socks 'cuz wearing shoes hurts my foot. I'm a bit cranky and headachy even after some Advil, and hubby is in training for his new position this week, so I can't call him and whine. I called E and fussed a bit instead, and he was a very sweet substitute. I think I'll soak in the tub when I get home this evening.

Tomorrow, I have a meeting in Rosedale around 2pm, and I already told the boss I'm going to work from home the rest of the day tomorrow. The rest of the week at work shouldn't be too bad. I hope.

Starting Wednesday, I'll be stopping by C's in the mornings to love on the four-legged kids, doing walks and food and meds. And maybe to dive into her cookbook stash! OH! And I can make copies of the crochet patterns in the gorgeous new book she got when we had our Saturday quality time of crepes and yarn and coffee.

For some good news, Mom sent me a text yesterday to let me know Chanson en Crochet is done, and I'm trucking right along on my Sweet Pea shawl, though it's not as wide as I may have liked. I'll post pix of Sweet Pea soon, and Chanson next week; I'll have to get it from mom this coming weekend. I'm thinking of doing Cupcake next, but we'll see... I need to get back to knitting!

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