Saturday, February 16, 2008

Guests for Dinner

Last night, we had another couple over for dinner. I stopped at Whole Foods (I love Whole Foods!) and picked up some groceries, then stopped at Bin 604 (which I also love) for a bottle of Chardonnay and another of Pinot Noir. We had salmon baked in foil, saffron rice, and roasted broccoli, then sat around the table for another four hours talking and laughing, the girls drinking wine and the men drinking scotch. I had forgotten to pick up a dessert, but thank goodness we had a really good brownie mix handy. Between the four of us, we ate the entire pan!

Our guests left at about a quarter after one in the morning... I'm glad I cleaned the kitchen as I was cooking, because we were SO ready to get in bed, and it was nice to have nothing to do but run the dishwasher this morning.

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Courtney said...

mmmmm, sounds good. when are you going to cook for ME!?