Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mental Health Day

Today’s catastrophe was discovered when I pulled into the parking garage at work, turned off my car, looked at my keys, and realized I left my house key in the bloody front door. I left work around 11am, after dealing with a work-related catastrophe, and declared a semi-mental health day: I packed up my folders and laptop and went back home.

Those who work in close proximity to me know when I’m scrubbing my desk with Clorox wipes, things aren’t going well. As soon as I got home, I scrubbed my oven. But it must have been cathartic, because I settled in with Fantasia then Fantasia 2000 and now March of the Penguins… lovely comforting background noises and images.
I spent the majority of my afternoon prepping for a meeting with my pharmaceutical client. (I hope I’ll have it tomorrow; we are supposed to have inclement weather starting this evening.) Now, I need to get up to speed on my newspaper client. The fun never ends!

My roses got all droopy so I took them home last night and lopped their little heads off and am thinking I might dump them in the bath this evening, then update my Ravelry blog and crochet a bit. Bonne nuit!

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