Monday, September 29, 2008

Raining Squirrels and Bunnies (Ain't it cool?)

It rained pretty much all day on Saturday. I got up relatively early for a weekend and knitted for a bit while waiting for Matt to get up, and after about two hours, crept up the stairs and jumped on him and demanded breakfast. This has a happy ending: I had a great egg sammich on an English muffin AND I finished my first cable scarf!!

I also did a bit of minor tailoring: I sewed down flap pockets on two pairs of capris (Who needs big flaps on their butts?) and I removed some buttons that made some kind of crazy smiley pattern from a cloche hat and added them to my button collection for use later.
There are some red dots left on the hat from when it was made, indicating where the button should go. (See them in the upper right?) I think I need to bug Mom into crocheting a big fluffy grey flower to cover them up.

Seriously, it rained all day. I was hoping to get out of the house and do some walking but instead watched The Pursuit of Happyness and watched the kittens and watched the rain.

We also watched a squirrel (Matt is convinced it's the squirrel I rescued from the rain barrel about a year ago) sit on the railing of the back porch and shiver and wrap himself in his tail and cry. I didn't know squirrels could cry, and of course it broke my heart. When the rain paused, I had Matt leave some bread out for him, but he didn't come back.

Then, of course, it rained some more; which sucked because Carlos gave us four tickets to the Orioles game, and we planned to take Bob and Shannon but were hesitant to have them drive all the way up here if the game was going to be rained out.

But, I'm learning about silver linings. Like when I poured myself some cereal the other day and missed the cup and got Annie's Fruity Bunnies all over the counter, and instead of getting frustrated like I normally do, I said "Ain't it cool?" and admired the crazy colors and then cleaned it up and went about having a snack.

So the weather was too iffy to go to the baseball game. Instead, we met Bob and Shannon at Arundel Mills and had dinner and went to Dave & Buster's, and I played Skeeball once but for the rest of the evening, followed my little family around while they played NASCAR and football and shooting games.

Ain't it cool?

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