Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Bee's Knees

Matt was home from work today due to some confusion at work, so I had him watch Evelyn while I had lunch with D at the French Press Cafe. While I was there, Matt called to tell me that the house was being invaded by bees. Apparently, the underground nest that I'd been so blase about all summer had expanded to include my basement and kitchen. Lovely. We seem to have delt with it with some foam insulation and wasp spray. (We both feel terrible about killing bees while honey bee depopulation syndrome/colony collapse disorder is still an issue. But we killed two dozen bees inside the house, and that's a little much, don't you think?)

Meanwhile, Evelyn is still the bee's knees. Though this afternoon, her day went something like:

Walked around the neighborhood with Mommy in the Baby Bjorn. Was happy. Fell asleep.
Was put in the playpen for a nap. Fussed.
Was put on the play mat. Fussed.
Was put in the swing. Fussed.
Was picked up by Mommy. Happy again!

I have two and a half weeks before I go back to work. I wonder how many of those waking hours will be spent holding my little spoiled one. And I wonder how she is going to adjust to The Young School, where she's going to be "free to explore [her] environment" and "viewed as [an] initiator and self-learner" with teachers "trained to be sensitive observers." Meaning no one will be holding her all day. (I don't love this philosophy when applied to infants, so we'll be taking her to a more interactive daycare ASAP. Stay tuned.)

Off to get some Zs... hopefully, without any bees!

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