Saturday, July 4, 2009

Baby Videos

So far, Matt and I have watched two parenting videos. The first one was called Understanding Birth; we both really enjoyed that one, and got a lot out of it. While I had an idea what to expect, Matt didn't, and it not only brought the idea to life for both of us, but it gave us some things to discuss about how we wanted our birth to go. As I'm getting closer to my due date, I may even borrow this one from the library again to practice the labor techniques.

The second one was called Complete Baby Care. Matt found some of the content helpful, mainly how to lift and hold the baby, care for the cord, and give a bath. Otherwise, the video seemed a little outdated and wasn't as informative. It's getting dumped right back off at the library in mere moments. has also been a great resource for videos. They tend to be short, well-edited, and pretty darn fascinating!

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