Sunday, May 24, 2009

It Sucked and then I Cried

I had never heard of before spotting this book at Barnes & Noble, but the book looked funny, so I checked it out from the library Friday afternoon, and dug in. It took a couple of chapters for me to get into it, partially because whenever the author wanted to make a point, SHE WOULD DO IT IN ALL CAPS and she wanted to make some point or another ON JUST ABOUT EVERY PAGE. So it was visually unappealing at best and distracting at worst, until I got more into the the author's story.

The author, Heather Armstrong, is a pretty famous blogger (so much so, that at this point, ads on her blog support her and her family), so the book's writing style is a natural extension of that. The book is about her experience with pregnancy, birth, post-partum depression, and recovery, with many chapters ending in personal letters to her baby, Leta. Really, there was less content about the actual depression and recovery than necessary to truly drive the point home; you got a lot more of that from Brooke Shield's book. But nonetheless, it was amusing and a very quick read.

But seriously, can we talk a moment about the fact that ADS ON HER BLOG SUPPORT HER AND HER FAMILY?? (Great, now I'm writing like her...) I mean, talk about the dream stay-at-home-mom job. How does one manage to build the most popular personal blog on the Internet? This is the second book I read where the author was already somewhat famous for blogging. (The first being Julie and Julia... I'm already looking forward to the movie.) Actually, the third, since Jane Brocket has books out. Now, HER, I can understand. Can someone tell me how to get that gig??

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