Friday, November 7, 2008

Lavender Brown

I finished my second Mother Bear! And I managed to do so before Mom finished hers. (Ha ha!) Since I knitted a boy (Leroy Brown Bear) previously, I knitted a girl bear this go-round. And keeping it in the family, I named her Lavender Brown.

Lavender is lighter-skinned (furred?) than her brother, and is wearing a purple dress, matching knickers, and a coordinating scarf. And Mary Jane shoes!

Court pointed out that there is a Lavender Brown character in the Harry Potter books and films, and that got me thinking that I should knit a series of Harry Potter Mother Bears.

The idea reminded me of the Julie & Julia project, something that could become a focus for me, a personal challenge, an inspirational life-changing event.

Or I could move on to something else.

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