Sunday, November 16, 2008

Relax, It's the Weekend

I spend most of the weekdays looking forward to the weekend, and usually spend most of the weekend dreading weekdays. Not a healthy way to go about things, I'm sure. But this weekend was generally relaxing. Matt's work phone woke us up early on Saturday and I started right in on my usual grumbly-grumpy-yucky-cold-and-dark type of mood. We had breakfast and I watched Ball of Fire, then Matt drug me out to do a little Christmas shopping. And suddenly, I'm a little less stressed, because we got through more than half of our Christmas list: We were going to go duckpin bowling afterwards, but we couldn't get lanes at Patterson Bowl so Matt and I got some Taco Fiesta and went home to watch The Good German, and I checked in on Ed (who had just found out an old friend of his and acquaintance of ours had died unexpectedly a few days earlier).

Sunday, Angel woke me up nice and early for his breakfast, and I let Matt sleep for another hour before launching myself at him and demanding breakfast. We watched the "Caves" episode of Planet Earth (which was, of course, amazing) watched the Ravens game, did a bit more Christmas shopping (I'm very proud that the only thing I bought for myself was a new set of circular needles Then back home to make dinner. Well, at least for Matt as it's loaded with ground meat and sausage. (He did the laundry. I think we're even.)
I've already been drugged with my Sunday sleeping pill, so the rest of the evening will likely be spent knitting, giving the Redskins/Cowboys game the occasional glance, and hoping Alex stays in his kitty tree rather than stomping all over my lap.
Wish me luck.

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