Wednesday, June 11, 2008

While M's Away...

...the mouse will play! M's been in Ohio this week, and I have to say, my friends are keeping me well entertained. Monday night, I met JF at Kobe. I hadn't seen him since his last day, and he seems to be adjusted and doing very well. I swilled the dirty martinis (three olives, please) and we shared some sushi and gossip. Yesterday, J and I went to The Capital Grille (mmmm... Stoli Doli!) and bumped into the PR team (and B, naturally). I only had one drink but ate TWO (count 'em: TWO) baskets of bread. Not entirely by myself, but darn close.

So today, no bread (minus my one packet of oatmeal) and after work, I met E at The Chesapeake Wine Company. I LOVE that place. The menu is short but tasty and they have wine flights. We both got the four tastings option. And we talked and talked and talked about everything. We don't know one another THAT well, but managed to fill eachother in on a lot of background! I'm looking forward to seeing her again on Tuesday, at our girl's night at Cinghiale. (I worked on the website and don't like it, so no hyperlink!) And... I stole a glass. Awful and dishonorable, I know, but it had the Eiffel tower on it and it's the perfect size for my oatmeal. They should've know better. Plus it makes up for CakeLove being closed. (I would've saved the cupcake for tomorrow. Really!)

Tomorrow, I have happy hour at DuClaw with L, who I haven't seen in forever. Then Friday I took off work to go to the dentist, doctor, and Jiffy Lube. I get to pick M up from the airport early Saturday morning, and plan on dragging him to Crepe du Jour. And if he's really unlucky, maybe Woolworks. That's what he gets for leaving me all lonely!

Otherwise, I've been occupying myself at home with kittens:

My fledging garden (look how big the tomato bush is, on the other side of the shed! The plant next to it is an Early Girl ... I'm hoping I get a tomato or two this year!):

and working down my ever-growing library book list:

I told M that with all of this excess, I don't feel very "French." I DO plan to cut back before I get too puffy from all this revalry. We'll see how next week goes. Otherwise, I may have to start exercising soon!

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