Monday, June 23, 2008

Somewhere Over...

I got in about an hour early, and had my oatmeal and tea while plowing through my email, sat through a traffic meeting, organized some files and did project timelines for one client, got a print ad finalized (I hope) for a second, met about direct mail strategies for a third. I taught my boss how to enter an estimate in our unintuitive system, got some financials in order. (You know how much I love playing with finances.)

I had lunch with some co-workers at Potbelly, planned tomorrow's lunch at B&N. (Where the barista remembers me--whether he knows it or not--from my stint as Little Red Riding Hood last Halloween. Anyway, we are great buddies now. I love sitting on the balcony when the weather is nice and they all turn a blind eye to my bringing my own food.)

I worked almost until 7pm, when Matt picked me up to head to our weekly trip to Whole Foods. On the way, we (finally!) visited the chocolate shop across the street and bought a truffle each. I bought a dark chocolate with cherry liquer. I mean, who gets milk chocolate nowadays? Yes, of course... my husband.

Then on to Whole Foods: one of my favorite grocery stops. The others being Walt's produce stand down the street, the farmer's market under the JFX on Sundays (we went there yesterday and got crepes and some lettuce plants, another basil plant, more cherries than two people can eat in a week, strawberries, tomatoes, English cucumbers, beets, potatoes, jerky, barbecue sauce... I went right home and made my favorite gazpacho. But I digress), and my back yard.

But, for two people, I do spend a lot on groceries. I buy organic fruits and veggies (even at the farmer's market, when available) and hormone-free, free range meats (I still don't eat a lot of it, though it's nice to taste what I cook... I'm better at it than I thought!). And I usually spend more than $100 a week. So I'm going to try to get it below that total for now on. Wish me luck.

Okay, the point is: while checking out, we noticed it was raining yet very bright out. In the garage, I ran to the ledge and peeked out and sure enough, there was a big, bright rainbow!

Now, part of the problem as I see it is that I try to be all big and grown and professional, but then I see a rainbow and I get all giddy and happy and silly. And I make my husband get out in the rain to take pictures. (It was a stroke of good luck that the camera happened to be in the car.) And that's when he noticed that there was not just one, but TWO rainbows, one stacked right over the other. And driving down Boston Street, you could see the entire arch. (Though it was too big to get a picture of the whole thing.)

So there you have it. A good, productive day at work. A fun lunch break. Chocolate (dark, of course). Good food. And the rainbows.

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