Monday, March 10, 2008

Spring Forward

Sunday, Angel woke me up early, and I spent the first two hours of my day reading, surfing the Net, and starting a new crochet project. When M got up, we did the usual breakfast at Panera, then headed down to Mom's. All the way there, I commented every time I saw a robin, and wondered when I could start scouting for "groundchucks."

Mom and the boys are doing well. Granddad looked a little more tired, walked a little more slowly, but seemed to be in good spirits. He and Grandma went to C&J's for dinner, where I hear Grandma fell and broke her ankle. Today, he has a walker and she has a wheelchair. I bet that makes getting a cup of coffee a lot of fun.

C & VJ are back in town, so I got to sleep in this morning. Work was relatively quiet (though three of the troops went home sick... hopefully not from me!) and I got home around 7pm, not too bad for me. AND IT WAS STILL LIGHT OUTSIDE!! As much as I dislike winter, it really makes me appreciate spring.

M made dinner while I did a few rows on Cupcake, we ate, I chatted with mom a bit, and now it's bedtime.

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