Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Shape of Things

It's been a long week. C is back from her two-week vacation, so I haven't had to get up early... and I haven't been. Work is driving me a little crazy, though some of it is getting better. One good thing I did was create a new spreadsheet with all of the functions in a project, the corresponding function codes and function costs, and spaces to enter approximate hours for any given project. Totals the cost for every function per phase, allowing us to do estimates a lot faster. I'll expect my comment from 'los to be "Jen Ryan = Girl Genius."

One nice thing is that I'm finally moving into the living room a bit. I've been in this house for nearly five years, so it's time I get comfortable in it, especially with the economy being what it is. Anyway, I have a canvas bag next to the couch, and I keep my knitting, crocheting, current book, and whatever else in it. All nice and neat and welcoming for me to settle in on the couch and occupy myself. I've started a crocheted t-shirt (Cupcake), starting with the lower back and working my way up:

and am trying to get an average of two rows done per night. I'm still knitting the knits and purling the purls on my scarf, which may be done in time for next winter. Or not. Either way, I'm likely to move on to increases and decreases, then start another pattern, with less purling.

I'm also VERY excited because someone in Bel Air emailed me saying she has crochet hooks and knitting needles she can Freecycle to me. We're going to grab them after lunch, and at some point, I'll likely list out my new treasures, although only C will really care. Especially now that she can teach me to knit "in the round." I am ALL ABOUT learning to make socks. You should check out her blog, Pink Lady Knits... she's made some very lovely stuff.

This morning we got up and went to the DMV so I could renew my license, we are packing up to head to Bel Air, then are going to James Joyce to celebrate VJ's birthday around 8. Headed to Mom's tomorrow. Back to work Monday.

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