Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Spoiled by Day Two

It was such a wonderful coincidence that I had Evelyn when my mom was visiting. Having her support added to Matt's was a big part of why things went so smoothly. And she is obviously in love with her new grandbaby. She stayed with us for a week after I had Evelyn, and I barely had to lift a finger to take care of her!

On the other hand, it was a bad coincidence that Bob was in Myrtle Beach when I was having Evelyn. Mom couldn't decide whether to call him or not, because we knew what he would do: pack his bags in the middle of the night and head to Baltimore. He's been anxiously awaiting the birth of his little niece. I've had to send him reports on her development every week, and he's been reminding me not to cross my legs (probably why my ankles didn't swell until the last week!). He and his girlfriend got to the hospital Saturday afternoon and (though he was nervous at first) he was all about holding "his" new baby.

Matt's mother also visited Saturday afternoon. Good thing Evelyn is a patient little baby; she was getting passed like a football in the playoffs!

I had Evelyn Saturday morning and was moved into a postpartum room Sunday afternoon. That was fortunate for me, since the postpartum rooms are half the size of the labor/delivery rooms. It made having visitors a bit cramped. Nonetheless, I had visitors, inluding Matt's mom and his Aunt Gloria.

By then, Mommy's little monster was so used to being held all the time, she started to get fussy when we put her in her bassinet. Thank goodness Daddy brought Evelyn's Boppy to the hospital. Besides getting us used to feedings, it became a comfy place to put her during naptimes. Now, we use a velcro swaddler when she's sleeping, to keep her in womb-like comfort. But she still prefers naps on Mom or Dad!

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Heather said...

Glad everything went well!