Sunday, June 7, 2009

Really Well, But...

I almost passed out at the Farmer's Market today. Mom and I had taken a lap around the market so she could see her breakfast options, and Matt had gotten in the queue for coffee and crepes (since we both nearly always get crepes there). I was hungry but no where near famished, it was crowded but I was used to that, and it was warm but certainly not hot. But shortly after Mom and I joined Matt in line for the crepes, I suddenly became lightheaded and everything started to sound very far away...

Before I made a scene, Mom ushered me off to some crates stacked next to the market entrance, and a family there gave me a bottle of water and much sympathy. Thank goodness for that family! I may have actually passed out without their assistance. After a few minutes of sipping on the water and holding the cool bottle to my pulse points (and explaining to my mom how that is the most effective place to put a cold item when you need to cool yourself off, as it's where the blood is closest to the surface of your skin, and the cooled blood is able to circulate from there... I'll bet she was starting to wish I'd pass out just to give her a break), I began to feel much better. And several minutes later, Matt arrived with crepe #18: mango, kiwi, banana, peach butter and cinnamon. Nom.

When we dropped Mom off this afternoon and visited Grandma then Aunt Carol, Uncle Jimmy and Anne, I felt the need to caveat when asked how I was doing. Really well, but... I almost passed out at the Farmer's Market today.

I still think I am doing really well; I've had a very easy pregnancy thus far. No morning sickness, no strange cravings, no major mood swings. No unexpected weight gain... knock on wood. The neighbor's son (himself a young father of two) is just waiting to hear that I've turned into the stereotypical crazed pregnant woman, weepy and demanding and tired and swollen and self-conscious. He said his wife is still mad at him for taking a profile picture of her when she was pregnant with their first child. Of course, this is where Matt reciprocates the consideration by allowing me veto rights regarding all pictures of me. No matter how much he likes a picture, if I deem it too unflattering, he will delete it. Not that I mind pregnant profile pictures. Not that he's TAKEN any. Ahem.

I told Matt today that he's going to have to extend photo veto rights to pictures of the baby as well. I have never been particularly photogenic, and a good many of my baby pictures show me making the most ridiculous faces. Ones I inadvertently make to this day when standing before a camera. And if our little one has the misfortune to take after me in that regard, I want to save her from future embarrassment. Who knows whether she will be the most beautiful baby ever? I'm sure to think so, but the least I can do is make it look like she is. Another benefit of modern technology.

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