Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Post from Iconowatch...So very true

By Charlotte Beal, Lead Editor

I love food, but I hate my lifestage when it comes to food. I have a job, a picky preschooler, a Bjorn-saddled infant and a husband who doesn’t get home from work until late evening. The dinner ritual pretty much consists of me doctoring something in a mad dash, only to find a kid who refuses to eat and a baby who refuses to let me eat. Delicious, freshly prepared, leisurely meals? Maybe in about 18 years.

We’ve been talking to bigger circles of moms recently, and they all echo similar challenges. Some choice quotes, often said with a sigh: “I love to cook, but at this point in my life I’m lucky to throw stuff together. If you can call that cooking.” “Dinnertime is my least favorite part of the day.” “My only hope is to make a few big pots of soup over the weekend to eat throughout the week.” The moms vent to each other, but they also share strategies and recipes — anything to make them feel less alone and stumped.

For many parents, especially foodies, planning the meals and doing the shopping feels a bit like torture. We want to be creative, but there’s no time. We want to cook wholesomely, but not everyone will eat it. We want to cook conveniently, but many time-saving products are unhealthy and expensive.

Food makers and retailers, we’ll strike a deal with you: Offer the holy grail of easy, tasty, nutritious and cheap meals. And we’ll hold out for adjectives like “transcendent” and “peaceful” until the kids go to college.

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