Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I have to admit...

...that work has been a bit better lately. I have several new clients, most are in interesting industries, and I've been able to challenge myself to get informed on those industries (in all of my "spare" time). I'm also carving out the time to be more proactive with my clients, rather than only reactive to their immediate wants and needs. It's been dizzying, but at least I don't feel as though my brain is atrophying!

I had an interesting exchange with a coworker about balance, and I think that's something I need to address. Not necessarily in the upcoming year--I don't think New Year's is the best or only time for resolutions--but immediately, continually, and earnestly. In the next few days, I'll be identifying the different areas of my life (family, friends, work, health, home, etc.) and devising measurable, acheivable objectives and goals. These clients may be my vocation, but my life is my real occupation!

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