Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve(lyn)

We kept calling Evelyn our "Christmas Eve." So cute. Our day started with Evelyn and I paying a visit to Miss Tanya. We met her three kids and I helped her sneak in the presents Matt and I collected for her family at our jobs. Her parents paid her a quick visit, and we got to meet them. Her mother said, "So this is the Evelyn you are always talking about!" If there was any doubt in my mind that Evelyn holds a special place in Tanya's heart--and there wasn't--that would have resolved it!

We got home just before Matt, and opened a few last minute Christmas cards, including one from Viki and Julia with gift cards for Olive Garden and Toys R Us.

When Matt got home, we headed to Aunt Carol's for our annual Christmas Eve party. I walked in and my cousin Joey said it was about time I brought him his baby! She got passed around quite a bit and seemed to love all the attention. She was, as usual, amazingly good.

Aunt Janet (who didn't make it to the baby shower) gave us a Toys R Us giftcard, which will come in handy for her high chair.

After a long visit and plenty of food, we headed down the street to my mom's to open presents.

My grandma (now Evelyn's "Nanny") got her a set of three mini Cabbage Patch Snugglies dolls.

My mom got her a Crawl-Along Drum Roll; a copy of Twas the Night Before Christmas (love it!); a Very Hungry Caterpillar book, doll, and blanket set; and three footed sleepers (spring green floral, pink with snowflakes, and psychadelic pink and purple floral)

She got me a L'Occitane Shea Fantastique gift set; a customized calendar from Shutterfly, with pictures of my family on every month (which I just love) and a new, larger food processor. I can't wait to make bread in it!

She got Matt Modern Warfare 2 and Something Something Something Dark Side.

Uncle Bob gave me a Paris Sweets cookbook and a grater shaped like the Eiffel Tower.

Shannon got us a four-slot picture frame that reads, "TOGETHER WE ARE A FAMILY" and an outfit for Evelyn with red pants and a pink and red polka dot hoodie.

Uncle Glenn got her a Bat & Wobble Penguin, me a glass teapot (perfect for blooming tea), and a Giant gift card (perfect for buying blooming tea!), and Matt a Scrabble card game and a gift card to Best Buy.

Mom also got the family a Wii, and we spent a good part of the evening making our avatars and playing Wii Bowling. Matt and I are going to bring it home at some point; Mom got it for all of us to use. We got home around ten o'clock. According to NORAD, Santa was in Bolivia by then...we got right to bed!

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Markorama said...

Something, Something, Something Darkside was my favorite xmas gift this year. I can't wait for Peter to fight the Giant Chicken/Boba Fett in the next one