Friday, October 10, 2008

How to Eat

This week went by sort of slowly, and I amused myself by opening a Facebook profile (mainly to see Dan & Kim's photos from Spain), starting a Mother Bear, working on my sock, trying to think of Halloween costumes, and moving horror movies to the top of my Netflix queue (we watched The Mist last night... it was pretty good).

This week, I also heard from a friend who is having relationship problems, and tried to give the most honest, actionable advice I could. I really hope it works out for the best in the long run. But I know how hard it is to keep moving forward when you just want to get to your happy ending.

After work today, Matt and I went to Ukazoo, where we tried to trade three boxes of Mom's old novels in. For whatever reason (maybe they had them all in stock?) they only took two books. The good news is that they had a softcover of Nigella's How to Eat, which I quite gleefully snached right up. I'm looking forward to flipping through this. Nigella is my favorite celebrity cook, and I love her writing... you can imagine sitting in her kitchen, having a glass of wine and watching her cook.

So tomorrow, we'll have breakfast, maybe take out the Halloween decorations, try another used book store, go to dinner with Jeff and Lacey, maybe watch another horror movie. And maybe I'll see if there's anything good for dessert in that cookbook. Yum!

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Markorama said...

Halloween - I'm leaning towards the Joker but they'll probably be a 100 Jokers running around Fells.
for you I'll suggest Meg Griffin, but only if the knit the pink hat yourself.

Maybe you could be President Sara Palin, that the scariest thing I can think of.