Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall Sleepover

Friday, I left work almost an hour early to pick up mom (who can’t be bothered to drive herself to Baltimore!) to spend the weekend with me. Good thing I left early, too, because she called at 6:30 to ask why I wasn’t there yet! Fortunately for her, I was pulling into her neighborhood by then. Saucy minx.

Anyway, we drove north to my house, had dinner, stuffed her Mother Bear (see below), watched a little TV, and went to bed.

Saturday, we tried to go to Miss Shirley’s downtown for breakfast, but that location isn't open on weekends; we headed to Morning Edition instead. Mom was introduced to the ghetto and brie, and seemed to have a preference for the latter. Imagine that! Not only was the food very good, but THE WAITER SMILED. (This place is known more for the dicey location and great brunch rather than for friendly or prompt waitstaff.) After we gorged ourselves, we went to Lovelyarns and dropped off our Mother Bears. It was really nice; we overheard the proprietor admiring our bears, and I had to let everyone know it was mom’s first knitting project, and that we’d be back soon with more. In return, she let us know that we’d likely see our bears hanging on the wall before being boxed and sent to Mother Bear headquarters.

On the way back out, we stared longingly at Dangerously Delicious Pies and made a pact to stop there during the next sleepover. And when we passed the SPCA, Mom wanted to know if that’s where we are going to go adopt her a kitty whenever Bob (who’s allergic) moves out. Mom, who always said she didn’t like pets. She just has to be shown the light!

Next, we went to Target to buy Halloween candy, then Matt dropped us off at the movies. We saw Nights in Rodanthe, which was sappy and teary, but entertaining. Afterwards, he picked us up at Barnes & Noble. How’d he know to find us in the knitting section?!? That night, I made spaghetti with what will likely be the last home-grown, home-made sauce of the year, then we put together baggies of Halloween candy for mom’s trick-or-treaters while watching Chicago, then Mom went to bed with her new Nicholas Sparks book. (I wish I had have bought the Alison Weir historical fiction; maybe Santa will remember me. But I have plenty to read right now.)

Sunday, Matt made pancakes and eggs, then went to the Ravens game with his cousin. I took mom home, then did housework: dishes, laundry, ironing, changing the sheets, pulling up some of the dying herbs and stuff from the back yard, etc. until Matt got back home.

The plan is already set for Mom’s next visit: she’s due to come over again the first week of December, when Matt and I should (!) have some Christmas decorations up, and we’ll go see a holiday movie, eat breakfast at the other Miss Shirley’s, 34th Street should be decorated, we can drop off our latest bears and get a Dangerously Delicious Pie, and – best part? – watch the Ravens vs. Redskins game that Sunday at Mom’s house. (NO PIZZA, MOM! Pizza and pie sound gross together!)

Hope everyone else had a good weekend!

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