Monday, August 18, 2008

Little Dan!

I must admit, I'm terribly jealous of Matt's brother and his girlfriend. They are both chefs, and both actively participating in the persuit of their passion, in a way I could only dream of being brave enough to do. They met in Colorado, considered California, moved to New York, and now have journeyed to Spain for a little less than a year. (I don't know how they'd feel about my giving too many of their personal details, so I'll refrain.)

They were in town for the past two weeks, so we did some family dinners: one at Matt's grandmother's/mother's
one at Aunt Gloria's, and last Friday Matt and I took Dan and Kim to Pazo for dinner. I was very pleased that they seemed to like Pazo... I really like it there and would've been heartbroken if they didn't like it! And Saturday, Matt picked them up, took them to the airport, and off they went on a great adventure in a different country. Did I meantion that I'm jealous? Well, I'm also terribly happy for them and wish them both lots of luck and love and I look forward to seeing them soon!
Hopefully, in Spain.

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