Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bébé canards

At the entrance of our neighborhood is a clubhouse and a community pool. M and I have been in the neighborhood for five years but have yet to join it. I'm not sure why; perhaps part of the reason is too many kids. But right now the pool is full of kids, and I'd LOVE to get in there.

Baby ducks!

M and I walked to the pool when I got home yesterday and took some pictures. The babies were zipping around, making heart-melting chirps and leaping up to gobble up bugs. I was worried they'd get tired and drown, but a neighbor came by with her little white terrier and told me the mom will decide when swim-time is over, then collect a few ducklings on her back and climb the stairs, then go back in the pool for another load. Love!

Another neighbor came by and told us that this was the fourth or fifth year there have been duck families in the pool at spring-time. How did I miss this??? But I love that I have another thing to add to my list of the joys of spring.

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