Sunday, April 27, 2008

Let's Go Bowling!

I woke up late to Panera in bed. I love when that happens! Then I did a little bit of straightening up; Mom, Bob and GJ came by today to help hang a mirror in our dining room. It took about five minutes, of course, then Bob (bless his little heart) cleaned the mirror for me before torturing the more social cat with a laser pointer while Mom was busy trying to convince him to sit in her lap. (The cat, that is... not Bob. Though Bob DID sit in mine at one point!)

Then the five of us stuffed ourselves at Burtucci's, and GJ left to go home while the rest of us went BOWLING!

Mom hadn't gone in years, and the last time Matt and I went with Bob and his then-girlfriend, Matt SUCKED. (I love him, but it's true.) He must have been practicing though, because he got tons of strikes and spares and won the first game, then lost the second game to Bob by only one point. Mom was pretty good, too. I was cheerful but not very skilled.

Overall, it was a good weekend... though that makes me less enthusiastic about going to work tomorrow!

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